The most exclusive international swingers club couples-only of Italy
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The first, historical location of the Club
Open 1 weekend a month for big events + Summer opening with naturist village


The new location in Rome Center
Open 5 days a week from Wednesday to Sunday with free admission from 6:30 to 9 pm in the louge bar

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International Events


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Swingers Club

FLIRT club It is located within an exclusive private villa of 650mq on a single level, nestled in a picturesque park of 70.000mq, 40 km from the GRA in the Rome area North, with breathtaking views of the lake Bracciano. Available to all members, there are two naturist pools: one heated indoor and the other outdoor, wide and panoramic lake views. All areas are spacious and comfortable: the living room, the area hard, the restaurant, the smoking area and love the many rooms.
INTERIOR DESIGN is highly sought after, the ceilings of the house are made of wood and up to 8 meters high, with large beams. Each piece of furniture is unique: antique furniture blend with vintage and modern furniture, often changing their function. Televisions 60 years' tables that become light; drying hoods 50 years' turn into amazing floor lamps; old travel trunks replace the tables; modern mirrors overlap in antique frames, antique networks for mattresses are used as a screen. Iron, wood and fiberglass mix, combining to create sofas, lamps, chairs, tables. Nothing is standard or trivial. The bar is in an ancient and original pulpit of the church, while the large central fireplace divides the environments and creates intimacy, with many mirrors positioned specifically to stimulate the imagination and sensual suggestions. Alcoves one after another, chasing each other in several places and each time the eyes are, discover new hidden corners and intriguing, stimulating excitement and imagination.
THE LIGHTS They have a key role in creating the right atmosphere, changing in intensity to accompany the different moments of the evening, and to enhance the details.
THE THEMES to deepen the knowledge, meet the needs of everyone: Soft area, the large suite on the top level, for those who are new to the experience or prefer to watch, be watched contacts or only for women; Hard in the area more reserved, dedicated to those who have more experience and are more uninhibited, preferring the exchange of couple or group sex. They are also available numerous alcoves and lounges where couples can seclude in partner or alone.
THE BAR It is equipped with all the alcohol and spirits, also aged or fine, in order to satisfy the most demanding. Each drink is served by our barman in glasses with ice when necessary, and with the right trimmings: mint, limes, oranges, lemons, cherries, olives, etc., to prepare cocktails international standards, but also basil and strawberries for our exclusive cocktails: the Flirt Club cocktail and Strawberry Flirt Club cocktail. And also 'possibie taste also a good selection of red and white wines, sparkling wines and champagne.
The LARGE INDOOR POOL It is marble granite, heated and always ends so unforgettable night ... Obviously, for reasons of hygiene, not allowed to have sex in water. See also other rules.
MUSIC It is exciting and never boring: jazz, lounge, latin, deep, electro, tribal, latin, house and soulful music, are the perfect soundtrack, valuing every moment of the evening and helping to make the party memorable.


Discover all the exclusive benefits to our members

The village

The first naturist village in Italy for couples only


Reserve your dinner. Served at the table or buffet with the focus on raw materials, accuracy in the preparation of our chef

Stay to sleep

Sleep with us. We have four rooms that can be reserved for the night or choose to stay and sleep in beds that are made available in the evening.

Couples Only Select

All couples to be accepted must follow a procedure of online application.
What other club in the world you can find selected pairs as Flirt?

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About Us...

This was our 4th time at Flirt on a Saturday. When we travel to Europe for our annual vacation our first stop is always Flirt (we even skip Rome now), even if our real itinerary is not Italy. Flirt is by far the world's best club we have been to!


from San Francisco

We had a brilliant weekend at Flirt with relaxing days by the pool and fun nights great company and great food and lodging. Genni and Yulia are the perfect hosts we will certainly be back again


from UK

This club is different, it has class, it´s elegant, the enviroment is so special that when you visit it you feel very confortable in it. The food is fantastic and they have excellent music and drinks. About the action, super hot hot hot !!!!!


from Netherlands