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Dress Code


HOW TO DRESS TO ATTEND THE FLIRT CLUB? Couples have to respect the dress code to attend exclusive events and sexy parties of Flirt club. For being in tune with the environment and with the other couples who frequent FLIRT club, all members have to respect the dress code and come to the club with the dress code required: elegant for mens and sexy for woman, ALWAYS

Those who need it, can change the dress and dress for the evening, directly to clubs .

Generally, to be accepted to the events, it is sufficient that the members follow these simple guidelines:

  • For MAN:
    Dark suit and elegant white or black shirt with elegant shoes .
    The jacket is welcome but optional, while the tie is not required.
  • For WOMAN:
    elegant and sexy, with high heels .
    Please, notice that trousers, leggings, shorts, etc. and shoes or boots with low heels are to be absolutely AVOIDED.

Otherwise Flirt Club reserves the right to non admit a member to the party .

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DO YOU WANT TO AVOID REJECTION OF YOUR PARTICIPATION ON THE ENTRANCE OF THE FLIRT CLUB? The Flirt is a very exclusive privè club and members who attend to our parties are distinct and elegant couples. To avoid receiving unpleasant REJECTION when you are already at Flirt Club, we suggest you to keep to the following:

What DON'T WEAR: members of Flirt club

    blue jeans , sport trousers with pockets,
    sport jackets, tank tops, T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters (though in cashmir), sport or wool gilet, blazers, day suit,
    checked shirts, striped or with scottish pattern
    , sneakers, ankle boots, etc.

  • NO FOR WOMAN: any type of trousers, leggings or shorts ,
    skirts, jeans, unsexy dresses, sports or day clothing,
    heavy woolen clothes, office clothes, sweaters,

    shoes or boots with low heels.

What members of Flirt club WEAR:

  • MAN:
    dark trousers and elegant white or black shirt, with or without a jacket.
    In the summer, even the white is fine. Elegant shoes.

  • WOMAN:
    super sexy dresses short, transparent or open,
    shoes with high heels, always

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To partecipate to themed parties all members have to respect the dress code required by the specific event, for example lingerie party, white party, burlesque party, international festivals etc ...
It 's always possible to change the dress and dress up for the evening, directly to clubs .


The Lingerie and Burlesque party are very sexy and fun parties organized at Flirt Club about 2 times a month.
The characteristic is that at 00.30all women, without exception, remain in lingerie.

Usually even the shyest woman feels herselve comfortable just because of all the other women wears the lingerie. 
The specific dress code for Lingerie and Burlesque Party is as follows:

  • For HER:
    burlesque, lingerie, bustiers, panties,
    reggi stockings, corsets, garters, sexy underwear,
    babydoll shorts, bras, tops, sexy body, cat suites, etc. and
    high heels. NO long babydolls.

  • For HIM:
    elegant trousers and shirt
    (tie is not required)

DRESS CODE for INTERNATIONAL EVENTS: The international events are sexy parties organized about every 2/3 weeks and attract swinger couples, libertine couples and soft and full swap couples, from all over the world.

The dress code varies from party to party and is always mandatory for all .

Those who need can change or dress up for the evening, directly to clubs.

Usually women without of themed dress, can buy it, by request, at the entrance of the club.
Therefore it is appropriate, before you book, check the dress code required, on our event page

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DRESS CODE for the Naturist Village
Entrance to the club during the opening hours of the Naturist Village
  • For arriving at the club during the hours of opening of the village is not required any specific type of clothing: robes, sarongs, shorts, Bermuda shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, flip flops, all them are fine.

During your stay at the Naturist Village and using of swimming pools
  • In the hours of opening of the Naturist Village , all the areas inside and outside of the club and the pool area are reserved to naturism, so members do not wear the costume. For women, it's tolerated the use of the thong.
Access to the restaurant
  • The access to the dining roomfor hygienic reasons, is allowed only with breast and private parts covered.
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