Swingers Club Rome, rules of conduct
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Dress Code To be in tune with the environment, all members respect the dress code of the evening and are the club with the dress code. In general, men are always elegant, and woman are sexy and elegant with high heels. What to see major and important details on how to dress to be in tune with the club, in the section dress code.
For information on theme parties organized by Flirt Swingers Club, which require a specific type of clothing, you can see the events page.

Smoking Area

Flirt within the club and in the rooms, smoking is not allowed.
Instead it is available to smokers, a comfortable dedicated area where smoking is allowed.
The area is heated in Winter.

Do not have sex in the pool

For hygiene reasons, it is not allowed to have sex in the water ...
However, there are many other convenient locations, clean and intriguing where to do ... even around the pool;)
Before diving in, all members using the shower water.

Bring your own condoms

In respect of himself and of others, those who attend the club must personally provide the necessary 'protection'. Therefore to Flirt Club you will not find condoms in sight. However, those who had forsaken them or finished, may request them to the point bar, where you will also find hypoallergenic ones (latex-free).

Education and respect

Are the prerequisites that each Flirt member must be to attend the Club, remaining allowed.

Book now

You can access the Club by reservation only. If you are a member you can book from the site in events section from the app or by phone at +39 335 1631211, if you're not a member you can apply for membership now.